With Greetings from Jördis Weilandt

Please find included in this post the Digital Teaching and Learning Update for the month of December. I’ve tried a few channels for this newsletter, before I decided to go with a more permanent resource that can also be added on as we grow.


  • The theme of his month’s update is  Blended Learning (Flipped Classroom, Inverted Classroom, etc.). You can read up on some of the basics and also learn more about its different forms of realization. If you are curious how some of our local educators approach those delivery modes, attend the peer session on Tue, 11. December 2018 from 1-2 pm either in person or virtually. 
  • Please join us for the 2nd biannual strategy meeting in the New Year where representatives from different Faculties and Departments, the Student Success Centre, the Library, IT, Administration and the Teaching Centre will meet to strategize the growth and support of sound Digital Teaching and Learning on our campus. 
  • If you love reading up on related subjects, please indicate your interest in books that you would want us to purchase for our group.
  • In order to plan peer sessions on topics you are interested in, let us know in a quick poll what topics you would like to learn more about in the next term.


You might find it a bit unusual, which is why I am adding the following links for easier navigation on your end.

The December Update contains 6 parts.

It starts with a content overview and then continues with the individual chapters. You can click on each of the links:

Part 1 – Bi-annual Strategy Meeting in the New Year

Part 2 – Peer Sharing Sessions this month: Blended Learning and Online Course Design

Part 3 – Book Purchase Poll

Part 4 – Planning of Peer Sessions in the Spring Term 2019

Part 5 – The many facets of Blended Learning

Part 6 – ‘Building the Ship as we Were Setting Sail’ – Interview with Dr. Rebecca Carruthers Den Hoed

You can also navigate in between the parts by clicking on the bottom bars

If I don’t get to see you in person or virtually next week, I wish you all a relaxing tail end of the old year and a smooth start into the NEW one.