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We hope that this session will help you gain a better understanding of the things that constitute sound online course design.The workshop is designed to provide you with experiences from both – the student and the instructor perspectives.

The change of roles will enable you to think through the design of activities, assessments and interactions that allow for easy course navigation and engaged student learning. We will also discuss the purposeful use of technology that matches your teaching goals. Due to time constraints, we will limit our focus on just a few important areas to guide us in the design of an effective online course.

You will find here all of the steps for the interactive and hands-on components that will guide us in our collegial conversation.


STEP 1: Access Dr. Marlo Steeds course outline for his ED 4760 course here. If you are familiar with this course introduction, please browse Stephen Downes’ intro section to his MOOC on E-Learning 3.0

Questions to guide your browsing: What are important elements to an online course introduction? What components would you want to incorporate into your own online course/ module introduction? Why? Is there anything missing in the examples?

STEP 2: Do the Checklist Activity on Course Introduction here

STEP 3: Explore the Assessment of the Dr. Steed’s ED 4760 course here

Question to guide your browsing: Would you as a student feel that you are being provided with all the information you need to plan the upcoming assignment components?


STEP 4: Evaluate the Student Support Website from the University of Colorado Denver from a student perspective.

Question to guide your browsing: How well does it prepare you for learning online?


Since Uleth does not yet have such a comprehensive campus-wide support portal, you might want to consider including some of the more important student support items into your course outline. Please find a list for support access points in this Handbook: Orientation to Teaching at the UofL.

More importantly, join our institution-wide conversation on the direction of digital teaching and learning on our campus by attending one of the upcoming STRATEGY events.


PART A: List ONE or TWO goal(s) that you want your students to achieve in an online course. PART B: Post a technological tool that you know will allow your students to achieve this goal in the online environment. Please, differentiate between Moodle and external technology. Do the activity on our online sticky board here

Examples could be the sustained growth in co-operative and collaborate proficiencies through focused and topic-related team-work activities, successful conversation about something specific with native speakers, proficient application of theorem X to solve problem Y, etc.


Pose them in the comments box below and use the same space to reply to other people’s questions, remarks and elaborations.

You can access slides to our presentation here.


If you are on the Uleth campus, you can sign into our preliminary Moodle shell (which is still mostly a work in progress), but you will receive notification through the platform once the start date and course details are clear when the details of the in-time facilitation of the course are laid out.

This course will go live on an Open Platform in  APRIL 2019, where educators, educational developers and students from across the globe can participate.

In order to access this Moodle course, you will first need to initiate automatic enrollment on the long-term server. You can do that by simple clicking on this link here once. No further action  is required for this step.

Then you will need to enrol into the course here. Hit the enroll button and you can see this course develop until it starts in April. You will get reminded shortly before the course starts.

If you are from another part of the world – feel free to drop me a comment below. I can then notify you of the course start date and details individually.



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