Open German

Are you looking for a facilitated German course, in which you can meet other learners from across the globe and access interesting learning materials?

Then Open German might just be the right course for you. It’s an A1.1 level course.

This course is open in the sense that anyone with an interest in learning German is invited to join our conversations. There are no costs involved. You will only need to invest some of your time to communicate with us and the other learners in the course.

If you’d like you can also practice your language by helping us create helpful tools, such as subtitles or translations into your native languages.

We, Steffi and I, will be your teachers who can guide you through the topics and provide feedback if you need it. We love teaching and are professionals in the field. We have day-time jobs, but we love to get to know new people in our spare time. We will moderate the course for the duration of 3 months (October 2019-January 2020) and give you feedback as often as we can. After that, you will still be able access the resources.

Eure Kursleiterinnen


You will be able to practise your German beginner level skills by:

  • reading authentic texts,
  • listening to/ viewing interesting conversations, songs, etc.,
  • writing short texts such as chat, text or email messages
  • speaking with us and/ or other learners,
  • translating German into your native languages,
  • and who knows what else.


If you let us know what you need, we can tailor the course accordingly. You can take a short survey here.

Wir freuen uns auf euch,

Steffi und Joerdis