This is the space where I am compiling notes, materials and activities since I started learning Blackfoot in the Fall of 2017.

After taking a Blackfoot class last fall, I had gotten to a stage where I could actually string together some easy sentences (relying heavily on help from inspirational teachers like Ryan Heavy-Head, Don Shade and dictionaries like this Blackfoot Dictionary Project).

If you would like to watch a movie I made out of a little story I wrote, please feel free to click on this link below.


In my journey, I find the following resources very helpful:

Vocabulary Practice

This link leads you to a Quizlet folder, in which I put the weekly sets of vocabulary that we learn in class. You can access them without the need for your own quizlet account. There are different ways to practice; you can either listen to the audio and spell it out, match words with their meaning or type in the words after you’ve seen the explanation.

Blackfoot Online Dictionaries

  1. The Blackfoot Dictionary Project (led by the UofL Linguistics Professor Dr. Inge Genee with the assistance of Blackfoot speakers and UofL students)
  2. Blackfeet English Dictionary. Albeit an extensive pdf document, I like it for the additional information one can gather concerning individual word items. These items are translated and then also presented in other contexts of use.

VIDEOS on Blackfoot Language

These are the videos that I have found suitable for total beginners so far, some of which are stunningly beautiful in addition to their usefulness for learning some basic Blackfoot words or phrases.

  1. AKAYO’KAKI – a youtube channel hosted by Ryan Heavy Head, where he posts videos of himself teaching Blackfoot phrases in a variety of contexts.
  2. The Native Tongue – a very original way of teaching Blackfoot. I like the way it pairs tradition with new ways of living.
  3. Blackfeet Language Preservation videos with Treyace Yellow Owl. There are a few of these videos out there, all of them show Treyace saying the words or phrases together with their  English equivalents.
  4. Blackfoot Dog Commands. I find these pretty useful as some of the commands were part of our first few sessions in class too.
  5. Small Number Counts To 100 – in Blackfoot. This is what the video is called, but behind it is a full-blown story told entirely in Blackfoot with no translation, which might seem intimating to us on this level, but it does nicely train our ears for Blackfoot sounds.
  6. Backbone of the world of the Blackfeet. This is an almost hour long intro into the Blackfeet culture, in which you can also hear some words in context.