Please see the outline of the ATESL workshop below. Our main goal is to create an openly licensed ESL/ EAP resource using the H5P tool. The following sequence of activities will get us there (*links appear in pink):

Activity 1:  Play OER Bingo (see handout for the mingling questions).

Activity 2:  Get to know open license types and learn to recognise them.

Activity 3: Browse OER repositories to find openly licensed ESL/ EAP materials.

Activity 4: See some examples of resources for language teaching that have been built with H5P.

Activity 5:  Browse H5P content types and determine one that you want to create/ modify.

Activity 6:  Set up an H5P account and create or modify an ESL resource for your teaching context.

Activity 7:  Present your resources to the group. We will compile the creations below. Please browse each other’s babies and leave comments on them here.

Activity 8: Please provide me with some feedback before you leave.

The slides to the workshop can be accessed here .

Compilation of our CREATIONS and/ or MODIFICATIONS. Leave your comments, likes or questions here for all of us to see.

Rachel’s video presentation

Greg’s presentations