My love for learning instilled within me an early passion for languages, education and technology. Being an avid language learner myself allows me to fluently transition between both positions – between that of an educator, who wishes for her students to enhance their language skills through well-planned, authentic and exciting multi-modal social interactions, and that of the disciple, who predisposed to learning and new experiences, loves the challenge of exposing herself to new practice opportunities.

In my view, critical reflection on past teaching experiences, pedagogical approaches and versatile tools that further growth in student expertise are key for me to do both – be that spirited teacher and push myself to improve my proficiency in the foreign languages I use.

I embrace an open culture in the sharing of knowledge and resources, which is why I want this website to be an open and welcoming space for learners and teachers of all views and respectful attitudes.

Three Blackfoot Teepees by Hank Miller CC-BY-SA 3.0


I am grateful to be living in the traditional and breathtakingly beautiful territory of  the Kainai (Blackfoot) people, whom I recognize past, present and future!


Feel cordially invited to fuel the educational discussions from the place you live in, close or far!