Welcome to my virtual meeting ground for open education practitioners from across all disciplines!

As my heart is in languages – the teaching and learning of it – I welcome all language learners as warmly as teachers. I hope that this hub will inspire you through the sharing of approaches, methods and tools that help us learn and teach most efficiently in the 21st century.

Having grown up in 2 Germanies, I received my primary, secondary and post-secondary education (including 2 years at universities abroad) for free. Only after I left Germany to live on other continents did I notice how privileged I was.

I understand that great inequalities exist; most of which are rooted in unequal access to education. However small my contribution to the Human Rights Activism for equal access to education might be, I feel obliged to share what I know with my colleagues, students, and anyone with an interest in languages, learning and the purposeful integration of technology into those processes.

*The Universal Declaration of Human Rights states that all people have the fundamental right to Education. As expressed in Article 26, it shall be free in the fundamental stages, generally available and equally accessible to all. Only if every individual is granted this inalienable right and the fundamental freedoms attached to it,  namely to receive and impart information and ideas through any media and regardless of frontiers, can societies be truly free and base themselves on understanding, tolerance and friendship for all nations and all racial, ethnic or religious groups.